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SkiErg Demo

As promised here is our first video on our resources page. In this video you will see multiple exercises you can perform on the Concept 2 SkiErg. A great tool for quick bursts like interval training and brilliant for endurance! As this equipment is brand new it has some fantastic features on the monitor which allow you to switch through multiple setting. The SkiErg also has bluetooth and AMT wireless connectivity meaning it connects to many different heart rate belts, fitness devices and apps.

Below are three different techniques to try out while on the SkiErg. Give them all a go and let us know what you think! If you want some assistance while in the gym and want to be shown in person, ask someone at reception and we will happily assist.

Variation 1.

What is known as the standard way of using the SkiErg. With both arms pulling down at one time and coming back up together too. Arms do not flare on the way up or down.

Variation 2.

Similar to variation 1 where arms come straight down together with no flare but on the way back up you flare your arms out. The top and bottom of this movement are the same as variation 1.

Variation 3.

This is a completely different way of using the ski-erg. In this variation you work with alternating arms. When one arm comes down the other comes up and keep repeating. As seen in the video. It is key to try keep a braced core during this to make sure there isn’t lots of rotation during the movement.

Using and adjusting the spiral damper at the bottom between 1 and 10 means you can make the resistance easier or harder. The most common resistance is 7. With the floor stand attached to the SkiErg it means it can be easily moved and put into circuits with other equipment.

Our instructors will sometimes incorporate this bit of equipment in their Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 18:00 classes and Saturdays 09:30 class. If you want any more information on this bit of equipment or want to be shown these techniques above, please contact a member of staff on reception.


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