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Best Fitness Business in Gloucestershire

What a brilliant evening Sunday the 7th of July was!! We are absolutely amazed and extremely grateful to bring home "Best Fitness Business in Gloucestershire 2019" award!

Before we go any further we just wanted to give a brief overview of the Gym and thank some of those who truly are the heartbeat to this gym!

The Fitness Mill is a small independent family run gym on the outskirts of Stroud! We have been here for 26 years this year and have transformed from a single small room to multiple floors spread across two buildings! We set ourselves apart from the rest by our friendly family vibe and by putting our members first!

We have the most amazing members and we will forever be grateful for every single one of you that voted for us! If it wasn't for you ladies and gents we would not have been able to bring this award back to the mighty Mill!

I also need to take the time to thank every single staff member! Regardless of if you have worked here 18 years or 6 months, you are the reason we got nominated and this award just shows your hard work and dedication pays off! I couldn't ask for a better team!

Credit goes to the Darby family who have put 26 years worth of work into building this amazing facility into what it is today and for trusting us to develop it even further! Hopefully this award is just one of many more to come!

Now everyone, by winning this award we have been entered into the final of "England's Best Fitness Business". We are awaiting to hear further news and once we do we will be sure to update you! But for now, I just want to say a huge thank you!



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