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Group Training

Recently within the fitness industry group training is on a sharp rise! People are loving the benefits of short structured sessions and the social aspect that comes with group training! There are lots of benefits to group training and the flexibility of having 3 plus people per session means motivation is higher in the group.

At The Fitness Mill we offer personal training in small groups and functional classes in no more than 8 people. This way in the classes you get one on one time with the instructor meaning form is corrected more frequently if needed as the instructor isn't focusing on 20 plus people. Alongside this it also means training is more cost effective. If you were to do a personal training session you are looking at a minimum of £30 per hour however, if you were in a group the price comes down with more people attending.

If you are looking at group training in the Stroud area please contact us by email, phone or pop in for a chat. We tailor sessions to your goals within our large facility!


The Fitness Mill | Stroud Gym

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